Eating pancakes at the Maslenitsa Festival in Belarus

16.02.2015 14:19
The country once called White Russia, Belarus, welcomes from the 16th to the 22nd February one of the sweetest weeks of the year. And it's no wonder why. The cold packs little by little its luggage to go and give way to the fertile warmth of spring.
And Belarusians, delighted with this, eat crepes to celebrate it in the week before Lent. This tradition, which has both pagan and Christian roots, promises celebrations across this country of nearly 10 million inhabitants.
Exhibitions, concerts, fairs and theater. But there is even more: folk dancing, puppet shows and sports, all for this special days known as the Maslenitsa Festival with the first rays of sun entering in the spring calendar.
Enjoy them in the streets and parks of Belarus, in its ethnographic centers and in the open-air museums of this - for some - not so known country.