07.02.2015 13:55

07.02.2015 13:55
Strolling through its little corners, enjoying the views of the great monuments of Europe as you get to know something of each country and, simultaneously, learning those monuments you never had the opportunity to see. So do many people in their free time in Madrid. With their children, friends, with their dogs or alone. It is the Europa Park: the space in where the old continent has its most important jewels.
European monuments in small great replicas
The Europa Park is located in the southern Madridian city of Torrejón de Ardoz, a few minutes from Madrid, the capital city of Spain. Behind its doors is offered up to 17 replicas of European monuments and even an original piece of the Berlin Wall. Each replica has its place and discovering the park gradually you will approach each of these magnificent jewels of European history, since they are often part of their idiosyncrasy. The originality of the park is to have all the monuments in sight just in one place, for "arriving, looking and admire." So you can travel like in a dream for several countries in Europe without having to travel even a small part of the continent. Comfortable, isn´t it?
Walking around the London Bridge, visiting the Eiffel Tower without leaving "home", relaxing in the amphitheater or the Greek theater, capturing new memories in the unforgettable Berlin Wall, photographing the Puerta de Alcalá or cooling down in the italian Fontana de Trevi. All that and more in this park, by small great monuments that will make you forget that they are in the end replicas. It is constructed as faithful to reality, as for having the feeling of being really in those places that it evokes: another thing will be the weather of course!
Arriving, looking and admire

The park has 3 entrances, through which you can enter and from where find complete and comfortably the whole collection of monuments, as in a gallery. Many trees that help with its robust presence in the hottest summers to make you feel a little cooler in summer, and resting and taking more energies to continue discovering Europe. There are also plenty of flowers that make the area even more beautiful and cheerful.
The entrance to the park is free, although the different activities may have a small cost. However it worths it trying at least some of them, that will leave good memories not only children but also in us. Imagine embarking on a romantic boat with your partner and admiring the monuments from the beautiful lake. You can also try the water ball or just watching those who dare to do it. If you like the world of archery do not wait to try to see if you know how to shoot well. In the Giant Woman you can learn more about the human body or, in the other corner, find wild animals in the Wildlife Adventure park.
Resting feels good
Many restaurants and cafes are available for if you want to spend some time resting and taking something or if you get hungry but still do not want to leave the park. If you prefer to bring your own food from home, there is a picnic area in where you can eat quietly and without haste your own food cooked at home. Puppies also have their own area where they can run free, although in the park itself they must be bound.
This is the great Europa Park which shows especially the most important monuments that the old continent offers. Interesting and original, definitely a place in where everyone finds his own and iconic treasure. Everyone there wants to make their own photos, at least for having good memories. This is Europa Park: small but enough as for not being forget in a place in where travelling through Europe become easy.