Glacial Race - The great winter race in Andorra

08.02.2015 12:38
Would you like to run a bit? And do you want to try something truly original? Well, now you can! Because almost now, in February 28th, 2015 a race of 11.5 kilometers on the ice in Andorra Circuit, in the Port of Envalira, will take place.
It is its first edition and will surely have great success, why not support this idea?
To attend the event you will need spikes but if you do not have them, ask in the organization, maybe they help you.
If you are interested, register in it now, because in this first edition the participation is limited to 300 people. The event starts at 17:00 and is planned to run both the racing circuit on ice and the ski resort of Pas de la Casa.
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