How to get to Zadar

22.02.2015 12:21
Plane: The Zadar Airport provides connections with nearly all the other countries of Europe. Many carriers transport every day tourists from all around the world to Zadar. Among the companies traveling to Dubrovnik are, for example, Croatian Airlines, Germanwings, Lufthansa, Ryanair or Vueling. For more information on flights visit
To get from the airport to the downtown an easier, a convenient and fast option is to go by taxi. It has a rate of between 20€ and 25€.
You will pay less for transportation traveling by bus,3,24€ for travelling to the city center.
Train: By train you can easily travel to Zadar from Zagreb and Split.
Bus: Other available connections to Zadar from are for example from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
Car: The transport by car can be useful especially when you have to scroll through more cities and you go with a lot of luggage. Without problem you can get to Zadar and then travel throughout Croatia by car as there are highways practically from all over Europe.

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