International chocolate festival in Portugal

11.04.2015 15:35

A great new for all sweets and chocolate lovers. The city of Óbidos in Portugal invites you to its International Chocolate Festival.  From April, 16. to May, 3. 2015,  you will have the opportunity of tasting all kind of chocolates: sweets, cakes, and above all chocolate and chocolate products.

Walking around the city in this dates you will find all kinds of chocolate in shops, that without doubt will catch your attention. So wake up because you have the opportunity of your life to enjoy there a real world of chocolate. And every people are welcome: children, but adults too.

In this festival you will find recreational activities as well as the best cuisine, cooking lessons and much more.

Do not wait and come to the sweetest event of the year. Taste, test and enjoy this world of chocolate - by far the most loved product in the world.