New train connection between Prague and Košice

30.12.2014 20:46

Leo Express is the company that along with the company Regio Jet gets to connect the Czech Republic with Slovakia. It will offer 2 trains a day - evening and night. The evening train will leave the city of Košice (Slovakia) at 23:14 hours arriving in Prague (Czech Republic) at 8:06. The evening departure from Prague will be at 14:35 and arriving in Košice at 22:27 hours. Tickets prices are from 349 CZK (12.58€) if are purchased in advance.
In its 3 classes Economy, Business and Premium you will travel comfortably with Wifi access and an intranet with a great database of games and movies. Leo Express also offers newspapers, magazines and toys for the little ones of the family.
In the Business Class you can enjoy food and drink and in the Premium one you will enjoy for your rest folding seats, menu for dinner and unlimited drinks throughout the trip.
All the latter is included in the price of the tickets. There are several options for purchasing them. In the outlets of the railway company or, if you prefer, online at