New train connects Slovakia with the Czech Republic

22.12.2014 16:23

On October 12 began to provide rail services the private company Regio Jet. From thast day there exists the possibility of traveling between Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


The new Inter City train connects the cities of, among others, Košice and Žilina (Slovakia) with Prague (Czech Republic). Travelers can choose from three types of class in thein trip: Standard, Relax and Business.


All customers who choose to the services of Regio Jet can have newspapers and magazines for free thsat will be available during the trip, and they can enjoy coffee or water as well as to look up their e- mails by free WIFI.

Travelers will be accompanied by hostesses who will help with any queries that may occur during the trip. All this and more is offered free of charge so that the passengers feel as comfortable as possible during the ride.


For children from 2 to 6 years there is a car in where they can play and have fun watching their favorite movies. The rest wagon is ready for all those who like to rest during the trip, and use of equipments such as mobile, music or television that could disturb passengers is limited.


Tickets can be purchased from 9 euros, depending on the class chosen. Booking is possible to be done online or directly at the rail stations or other outlets.