St. Patricks festival 2015: the pride of being Irish

21.02.2015 15:20
Visit Ireland from the 14th to the 17th of March and join with others to this national festival of St. Patricks, which since 1995 is held every year. In Dublin you can expect lots of music, sports, movies, parades, concerts, festivals, boat races and so on. It is intended to be a well known festival in the world and, in fact, so it is. The reason is that when Ireland started these festivals it was intended to make the world know the pride that could be felt for being a decent Irish, for its culture, its history and its heritage.
This national holiday is celebrated by every Irish whether they live in Ireland or not. The program is ready, so just come and enjoy. Wait everything, put your green and orange hut and taste the good Irish food that is offered there.
The Festival of St. Patrics as the patron saint of Ireland is officially celebrated on March, the 17 every year to conmemorate his death. The party is also followed by Christians as St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland.