Tartu Marathon gathers thousand of skiers

12.02.2015 15:49
Estonian gathers next Sunday February, 15th for 43. time skiers and lovers of this winter sport. They all come to participate in the Tartu Marathon to enjoy this sport and share good experiences. It will take place in the most popular ski resort in Estonia, so if you're interested, you can not miss this opportunity to assist you too.
The Marathon starts on Sunday at 10:00 h. in Otepää linn, Tehvandi Spordikeskus.
Tartu Maraton is one of the oldest marathons in the skiing world and has a distance of 63 kilometers with a shorter route of 31 kilometers. Each year it brings about 10.000 skiers from around all the world.

Sign in at  https://www.tartumaraton.ee/register/combine/6 , but be quick because you can do it only until Friday, 13.02.2015.
Source: https://www.tartumaraton.ee/