Carnival in Cádiz

24.01.2015 15:20
Enjoy 11 festive days of joy and fun in the Carnival of Cádiz (Andalucía - Spain) from the 12nd to the 22nd of February, 2015.
If you want to have fun, come with your family and friends and join the people who traditionally and every year, celebrates this great festival. Do not forget your costume!, at least on the first Saturday and during the rides. They will be 2 cavalcades. The Grand Parade, held on the first Sunday and the Cavalcade of Humor, a tour in the historic center during the second weekend of celebrations.
Come and enjoy with all the «gaditanos», Cadiz´s inhabitants, who know quite rightly how to hold a celebration apt for everyone's taste. You can expect also good music and songs, gastronomic festivals and, always, taste the typical products of Cadiz!

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