How to get to Innsbruck

Plane: The Innsbruck Airport provides connections to many European countries. Many airlines carry a lot of tourists especially from Germany. Among the cheapest companies are traveling to Innsbruck, for example, Easy Jet but also others such as Austrian Airlines or Lufthansa have their destination here. For more information visit flights
To get from the airport to the downtown an easier, convenient and fast option is to go by taxi. It has a fee of 10 € and 15 € or more.
You will pay much less for transportation traveling by bus, 1.80 € for traveling on the F line, to the main train station which is very near the center.
Train: By train you can travel easily through to Innsbruck through Austria. There are also direct connections to Innsbruck from France or the Netherlands.

Car: The car can be useful especially when you have to scroll through more cities and go with lots of luggage. With no major problems you can get to Innsbruck and then travel throughout Austria by car as there are highways practically from all over Europe.