How to get to Linz

Airport: The Linz Airport provides connections to some of the European countries and, especially, with Germany, England, Spain and Switzerland. These airlines transport every day a lot of tourists from these countries to Linz. Among the companies traveling to Linz are, for example, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. For more information visit flights
To get from the airport to the city center in an easier, convenient and fast manner you can go by taxi, which has a rate between 29 € and 35 €.
You will pay less for transportation traveling by bus, which are 3 € for travel to the city center.
Train: By train you can travel easily to Linz throughout Austria. There are also direct connections to Linz from Germany, Italy and Hungary. For this you can go to the main station in Linz - the Hauptbahnhof.
Bus: Other connections from Linz to the rest of Europe are, for example, the bus company Eurolines. In many cases it is the cheapest way to travel long distances but it is not very advisable, since the trip takes time and also is tiring.
Car: The car can be useful especially when you have to scroll through more cities and when you go with lots of luggage. Without much difficulty you can get to Linz and travel throughout Austria by car as there are highways practically from all over Europe.